Weed Identification & Control

In Alberta, the responsibility for weed control lies with the landowner regardless of where the weeds originate. Administration of the Alberta Weed Control Act is a major program for Environmental and Protective Services.

Weed Inspectors 2010

Weed inspectors are employed during the summer to:

  • carry out regular inspections of known infestations
  • track any new sites
  • work closely with landowners to remedy weed problems










Sprayer Rental 

To assist with weed control, Lacombe County rents two slide in sprayers that easily fit into the back of a half ton truck. The sprayers are available throughout the summer, but it is recommended you call ahead to confirm availability.

River Weed Control Program

A major transportation route for weeds is along waterways. A River Weed Control Program is run collaboratively between Lacombe County, Red Deer County, Ponoka County, Stettler County and the Public Lands Branch.

River Weed Control 2010
River Weed Inspectors 2010 As part of this program, staff take canoes onto the river systems to handpick weeds from sensitive areas along the riverbanks. This labor intensive program has greatly reduced the spread of Scentless Chamomile, as well as many other potentially dangerous weeds.