Field Scabious

fscabiousField Scabious is a noxious weed which originates from Europe. It is very aggressive and tends to displace all other vegetation in pastures and forage stands.




Plant Description

  • Stem is covered in short, stiff hairs  
  • Mature plant height ranges from 30 to 130cm
  • Flowers range in color from blue to purple
  • Leaves are arranged oppositely
  • The plant has a woody taproot which often branches below the soil


Facts on Field Scabious

  • One plant can produce up to 2,000 seeds
  • Seeds are viable in the soil for many years
  • Field Scabious is a perennial weed which begins growth in the early spring
  • Prefers loose, loam soils that are nutrient rich and moderately moist to dry

Methods of Control

  • The best control is to stop the plant from going to seed
  • Use herbicides registered to control
  • Cut or mow Field Scabious before seeds set and repeat several times
  • Prevent overgrazing
  • Cultivate and rotate to an annual crop
  • Hand pulling is easy and highly effective for small infestations