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Sylvan Lake Boat Launch Access Strategy and Action Plan for Recreational Lake Access

In recent years, the communities around Sylvan Lake have experienced a rapid growth in population resulting in high demand for seasonal and year-round residential development. With the increase in population, there have been subsequent recreational (i.e. boating, fishing, picnicking, camping) pressures in and around the Lake.

The report reviews the existing studies, evaluates the existing and potential locations for suitable recreational lake access, and developed an Action and Implementation Plan for recreational access to the Lake. The intent of the Action and Implementation Plan is to incorporate the public’s needs, safety and environmental values of the area, and develop decision-making criteria that will enable the municipalities to prioritize and justify locations for new recreational areas or provide justification for reduced recreational access at specific locations.

pdf 2016 01 Boat Launch Strat Action Plan FINAL APPROVED (41.83 MB)

Sylvan Lake Management Plan: 2000 Update

A review of the Sylvan Lake Management Plan (1986) was agreed to by the eight municipalities around the lake. The municipalities retained the services of a private consulting firm, IBI Group, to develop a new lake management strategy. The consultants were directed by a Steering Committee made up of elected and administrative officials from each municipality.

Based on a review of existing technical information and public input, a draft plan was prepared by the consultants for presentation at a public hearing. This initial draft was substancially changed by the Committee in response to the many public submissions made respecting the planning strategy proposed by the consultants.

The general purpose of the Sylvan Lake Management Plan: 2000 Update is to promote responsible land use and development around Sylvan Lake.

pdf Sylvan Lake Management Plan: 2000 Update 

Sylvan Lake Water Quality Assessment and Watershed Management Considerations

This study by AXYS Environmental Consulting Ltd. was prompted by public concern about the cumulative impacts of growing development pressures around Sylvan Lake, and the desire to know the sensitivity of the lake to further development and other land use activities in the watershed. Completed in July 2005, the study brought together representatives from the eight municipalities around the lake, as well as officials from various provincial and federal government agencies, to consider what can be done to maintain acceptable lake water quality conditions. The AXYS Report is a valuable resource document that will assist us in our decision-making responsibilities. It contains many suggestions and recommendations for responsible watershed planning and development to protect water quality.

icon Sylvan Lake Water Quality Assessment and Watershed Management Considerations - July 2005

Sylvan Lake Public Access Study

Prepared by recreational planning consultants, ISL, this Study investigated opportunities for improving public access to the lake. Various recommendations were made on how public access could be provided in new residential subdivisions. The County has endeavoured to apply these recommendations in its consideration of the several housing projects now being planned for Sylvan Lake.

icon Sylvan Lake Public Access Study

1978 Sylvan Lake Regulation Study by Alberta Environment

The report entitled "Sylvan Lake Regulation Study" prepared by the Planning Division was carried out to determine the desirability and need for regulating the water level of Sylvan Lake and to determine the feasibility, cost and impact of regulation. The primary purpose of regulation would be to enhance the recreational capabilities of Sylvan Lake.

The study considered several alternatives for regulation and asessed their effects on the natural and social environment of the area. The effects of supplying water from Sylvan Lake to maintain favourable water levels for waterfowl on Cygnet Lake and the effects of releasing effluent from the Town of Sylvan Lake sewage lagoon were also assessed.

pdf 1978 Sylvan Lake Regulation Study by Alberta Environment

1977 Sylvan Lake Management Plan

This document is a summary report of a management plan for Sylvan Lake. It is published in summary form for ease of reference and understanding. The management plan provides direction, both general and specific, for the control of activities within the immediate environs of Sylvan Lake. This plan is conceptual. Consequently, it is more of a general overview than a detailed site-by-site description or problem-by-problem analysis. It is a sound approach to the integrated management of this vitally important, provincial and public recreation resource.

pdf 1977 Sylvan Lake Management Plan