Sylvan Lake Boat Launch Access Strategy and Action Plan for Recreational Lake Access

In recent years, the communities around Sylvan Lake have experienced a rapid growth in population resulting in high demand for seasonal and year-round residential development. With the increase in population, there have been subsequent recreational (i.e. boating, fishing, picnicking, camping) pressures in and around the Lake.

The report reviews the existing studies, evaluates the existing and potential locations for suitable recreational lake access, and developed an Action and Implementation Plan for recreational access to the Lake. The intent of the Action and Implementation Plan is to incorporate the public’s needs, safety and environmental values of the area, and develop decision-making criteria that will enable the municipalities to prioritize and justify locations for new recreational areas or provide justification for reduced recreational access at specific locations.

pdf 2016 01 Boat Launch Strat Action Plan FINAL APPROVED (41.83 MB)