Strategic Plan

image004In January of 2005, County Council and Administration decided to undertake the development of a Strategic Plan that would help chart the course of Lacombe County in years to come. The original plan was completed and adopted by Council on December 19, 2005. Since that time, Council and Administration have been working to position Lacombe County for the future residential, commercial and industrial growth we expect to see in the upcoming years; for the future projects and initiatives required to ensure we remain responsive to the needs of all of our stakeholders; for the future growth of the urban municipalities located within the County and potential annexations; and for the future human resource issues we will face as some of our staff prepare to retire.

Continuing to follow the original goals set out in our Strategic Plan has helped us to ensure we can successfully prepare for the future. This Plan has assisted us and continues to assist us in positioning Lacombe County so we are able to work through some of these future challenges today while remaining an attractive, balanced, and progressive municipality.

In March of 2022, Council gathered to discuss what community aspirations they heard while running for office.
They also looked at previous plans built to shape future success and considered current political, environmental, social, technological, legislative and economic influences on achieving that success. The result of this time together is this Strategic Plan that provides absolute clarity of future expectations for community-wide benefit.

You can read the  pdf 2022-2027 Strategic Plan (6.46 MB)  online.