Road Use Information

With more than 390km of paved roads and 1,700km of gravel roads within Lacombe County, there is a significant investment in highway infrastructure. As the designated ‘Highway Authority’, Lacombe County assumes responsibility for both the maintenance and preservation of these roadways. Operations staff and Community Peace Officers work together with outside organizations to ensure our roadways are protected and maintained. Through the issuance of Permits and Road Use Agreements, commercial traffic is managed and routed to avoid sensitive areas.

Operations staff monitor roadways for damage and unsafe road conditions affecting motorists. When roadways are susceptible to damage, road bans or even road closures may be used to prevent further damage and to remediate unsafe situations.  

Through the monitoring of weights, by both fixed and portable scales, Lacombe County Enforcement ensures compliance with both Provincial and Municipal weight regulations. An overweight or over-dimensional vehicle without the proper permits or approvals could result in a hefty fine or even jail time. It is important to know the weights and what the legal weight allowances are.

Below are key contacts and links to understand and coordinate the proper permits for Lacombe County roads.

Lacombe County Public Works

Responsibilities include road maintenance and providing current road information / conditions (ie. dry track for heavy loads)

Contact: 403.782.3567

Lacombe County Enforcement

Responsibilities include enforcement of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, as well as Bylaws issued under the Authority of Lacombe County. Lacombe County has Memorandum of Understandings, MOU’s with Alberta Justice and Solicitor General, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and Alberta Transportation Dangerous Goods; these MOU’s allow for Lacombe County Peace Officers to perform on highway inspections on commercial vehicles including the safe handling and transportation of dangerous goods.

 If you see any misuse or abuse of county roads, please contact Lacombe County Peace Officers.

Contact: 403.782.8959


Provides Permit Approval Services for Lacombe County. Permits can be submitted online 24/7 through their website.

Contact / 1-888-444-9288

Alberta Transportation

For Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System (TRAVIS), and access to Alberta Transportation's online services.

Regulation Summary / Weight Calculcator 


 Documents & Resources

  pdf Weight Restrictions for Vehicles - Bylaw 1116/10 (367 KB)

   pdf Use of Roads - Bylaw No. 1074/08 (205 KB)

  pdf Road Ban Listing (221 KB)

pdf Road Ban Information Map (710 KB)