Municipal Development Plan

Adopted by Council on July 6, 2017, the Municipal Development Plan provides broad policy direction on how growth and development in Lacombe County will be managed. It is the County's primary planning document. All other statutory and non-statutory plans developed by the County must be consistent with the Municipal Development Plan.

The Municipal Development Plan contains policies dealing with the agriculture, residential development, hamlets, economic development, environmental management, parks and recreation, transportation and utilities and intermunicipal planning and cooperation.

August 2019 update: Added a subdivision policy to the agricultural section of the Municipal Development Plan to provide guidance on boundary adjustments.

March 2019 update: A number of amendments were done to the Municipal Development Plan, based on results of the annual review, as well as some housekeeping amendments. 

March 2018 update: While this document is very new, due to some administrative errors, some changes to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and Policy MUNI 8.3.2 which requires annual review, some amendments have been made to the Municipal Development Plan (Bylaw 1270/18). The annual review and report are required to test the success or failure of the policies within the Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw, and to indicate if the policies are meeting the plan's objectives.

pdf MDP and LUB 2018 Review (5.28 MB)

Municipal Development Plan

An MDP is a strategic plan that provides broad policy direction for future growth and development of the County. It also provides direction for Council and Administration on decision-making related to growth and development.

The MDP is the County's primary planning document, and as such, all other statutory and non-statutory plans developed by the County must be consistent with the MDP.

The following guiding objectives were developed throughout the public consultation process in 2016-2017 and are based on the vision set out for the County by the community. These objectives seek to embody and support the growth node strategy and MDP policies for development in Lacombe County. Each of these objectives corresponds with a section in the MDP and are supported by a number of guiding statements which inform and direct the policies within the corresponding section.

  1. Protect and encourage the County’s strong agricultural community
  2. Demonstrate responsible stewardship of the County’s natural environment and provide a variety of recreational opportunities
  3. Diversify and support economic growth
  4. Ensure compatible and responsible development of the County’s built environment
  5. Support innovative and efficient infrastructure and technologies
  6. Foster strong municipal leadership

pdf Municipal Development Plan (7.36 MB)  

pdf MDP Future Land Use Concept Map (127 KB)