Land Use Bylaw

 Land Use Bylaw

March 2019: A number of amendments were done to the Land Use Bylaw, based on results of the annual review, as well as some housekeeping amendments. 

October 2018: The LUB was updated to accommodate for cannabis legalization.

March 2018: While this document is very new, due to some administrative errors, some changes to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and Policy MUNI 8.3.2 which requires annual review, some amendments have been made to the Land Use Bylaw (Bylaw 1269/18). The annual review and report are required to test the success or failure of the policies within the Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw, and to indicate if the policies are meeting the plan's objectives.

Following the policy framework set out in the Municipal Development Plan, the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) sets out the rules and regulations describing how individual properties may be used or developed. The LUB is a more regulatory document that describes the type of land use or development which can be made of individual properties within the County.

The LUB divides the municipality into 20 general land use districts. Each district defines permitted or discretionary uses that can be considered under that particular zoning. Permitted uses are uses for which an applicant is entitled to a development permit if the proposed development conforms to all applicable provisions of the LUB. Discretionary uses are uses that may be approved at the discretion of the County if the County deems the use to be appropriate for the site and is considered reasonably compatible with neighbouring uses. Any discretionary use approval can be appealed by neighbours. Each district also includes "development standards" that govern the manner in which development is to take place.

pdf Land Use Bylaw Part 1-8 (8.66 MB)  - updated March 14, 2019

pdf Land Use Bylaw Part 9 (4.19 MB)  - updated March 14, 2019

pdf MDP and LUB 2018 Review (5.28 MB)