Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Use in Lacombe County

Over time the County has been working hard to help keep you informed of areas that are sensitive to environmental degradation. In particular, Gull Lake has a unique topographic profile which allows for a very wide and extensive riparian edge along the lake.

Currently there are two designated trails that allow access to the lake via OHVs for residents and visitors. These trails are located at the communities of New Saratoga and Wilson’s Beach.

After extensive community consultation and monitoring, the County has noted continued degradation of the riparian area. As such, the County will be erecting exclusion perimeter fencing on the north and south ends of the environmental reserve.  Further barricades may be placed in the winter of 2017 if continued use of illegal trails occurs. For more information, see the document below.

We are inviting any interested persons to attend a community meeting to discuss this matter on March 8th at 7pm at the Lacombe County  Municipal building on Spruceville road.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Blayne West, Environmental Coordinator, 403-782-6601.

  pdf ENV OHV ARTICLE Feb2016 (143 KB)