Road Maintenance in Lacombe County

PLEASE NOTE:  A maintenance contractor is in place to maintain ALL NUMBERED HIGHWAYS in Lacombe County on behalf of Alberta Transportation.

If you see any issues or have any concerns, please contact: Mainroad Alberta Contracting LP at 1-877-875-3263

Lacombe County has priorities for paved, gravel and subdivision roads, to determine which roads are dealt with first. For full details, please visit the Winter Maintenance section of the website.

Order of Priority for Snow Removal – Paved Roads 

  • County designated Primary Main roads
  • County designated Secondary Main roads
  • Hamlets and Subdivisions
  • Main access roads to subdivisions

Order of Priority for Snow Removal – Gravel Roads

  • Local Roads – Snow removal will commence in alternating locations. Snow removal will be undertaken in a manner that minimizes motor grader backtracking or excessive travel.
  •  Public access roads and machinery roads – Snow removal will only be undertaken to an established residence or to transport agricultural products, provided the road may be opened with a motor grader. This service will be subject to the availability of equipment. 
  • Winging snow from shoulders and other maintenance will have secondary priority.