Fire Permit Season ends: Burn safely all year round

Lacombe County reminds residents that although fire permits are not required from November 1 until March 31, there are still limitations that come with burning, and any burning must be done in a safe and controlled manner.

No person shall:

  • Burn prohibited debris.
  • Set, permit or maintain any fire where the smoke emitted from the fire impairs visibility on a highway or becomes a nuisance or safety concern to neighbouring persons or property.
  • Light a fire without first taking sufficient precautions to ensure that the fire can be kept under control at all times. Only burn the number of brush piles that you can control at one time.
  • Fail to take reasonable steps to control a fire for the purpose of preventing it from spreading onto neighbouring property.
  • Fail to extinguish a fire when a fire ban is in effect. This is especially true for previously burnt brush piles, and rekindles are no exception.

County residents can be billed for costs incurred by the County to extinguish a fire that is deemed a danger to public safety or in contravention of the Lacombe County Fire Bylaw. Our dedicated firefighters shouldn’t be put at danger responding to nuisance fires that could have been prevented with the right precautionary measures.

If you have any questions, please contact Lacombe County Fire Chief Drayton Bussiere, at 403-782-8959.