Ice fishing hut owners reminded to “Take it off” before April 1

(March 13, 2017 – Take it off!) The Sylvan Lake Management Committee (SLMC) is urging ice hut owners to do the right thing and remove the ice fishing huts from Sylvan Lake before the spring thaw arrives.

While ice huts do not need to be legally removed from local lakes – including Sylvan Lake, Gull Lake and Buffalo Lake – until March 31, it’s important to get them off before the ice surface deteriorates.

“On behalf of the committee, I urge owners to think of safety and the health of the environment when they consider their decision,” said Keith Stephenson, SLMC Chair. “We all want our lakes to remain healthy, so we can enjoy them – safely – all year round.”

Unfortunately, ice fishing huts are often abandoned on the lake during the spring thaw. The effects associated with abandoned huts left to settle to the bottom of the lake are detrimental to lake health and the safety of those that enjoy the lake, particularly in the summer. Debris can include wood, gasoline, furniture and plastic and ends up settling to the bottom of the lake, or floating to the surface. Careless disregard for the lake and for others results in serious contamination of the water, which is detrimental to fish and waterfowl habitat and creates safety hazards for other users of the lake.

Take It Off is managed by The Sylvan Lake Management Committee, with the support of the five Summer Villages of Sylvan Lake, Sylvan Lake RCMP, Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development, Sylvan Lake Fish & Game Association, Lacombe and Red Deer County and the Town of Sylvan Lake. People can register their huts year-round at

For more information Contact:
Keith Stephenson, Chair
Sylvan Lake Management Committee