State of the Environment Report Released

(Lacombe, Alberta, Tuesday, November 9, 2016) – Lacombe County’s 2016 State of the Environment Report was released this week, offering people a glimpse into the current conditions of the environment. Using a combination of scientific data and socio-economic factors, the document also offers insight into the various pressures impacting Lacombe County.

 “We have worked hard to capture trends and assess changes over time by examining to social norms and behaviours that are impacting our environment,” said Monica Boudreault, Lacombe County Environmental Coordinator. “There are a lot of positives found in the report, but we still have some work to do, especially in terms of air quality for Lacombe County.”

Lacombe County recognizes the importance of the environment, is aware of the role it plays in being a responsible steward of the land. Some highlights of the County’s work include:

  • Transforming Crooker Pit from an old gravel pit into a natural habitat and wetland, including the creation breeding beaches throughout the wetland area by County Operations staff.
  • Opening remote shops in the west and east sides of the County to improve service and maintenance of those areas, while reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses produced by County equipment.
  • Building an OHV trail for community use at McLaurin Beach on Gull Lake to decrease unauthorized access in sensitive areas surrounding the Lake.
  • Reducing contaminants going into the water system by implementing a Stormwater Management plan for South Aspelund, The Slopes, Sandy Point, and Iron Rail.
  • Supporting community groups through the Environmental Improvement Grant Program,
  • Partnering with local groups on initiatives like:  
    • Take it Off Program with the Sylvan Lake Management Committee, to ensure ice fishing huts are removed from the lake to protect the water quality.
    • Idle Reduction Initiative, in partnership with the Parkland Management Zone, to reduce vehicle emissions.

Anyone interested in learning more about the current conditions of the environment in Lacombe County including water quality of recreational lakes, stormwater management, air quality, wildlife and biodiversity, and waste generation and disposal, are encouraged to read the State of the Environment Report. It can be found on the Lacombe County website ( and hard copies are available by contacting Lacombe County (403-782-6601).


For more information contact:

Monica Boudreault
Environmental Coordinator
Lacombe County
(403) 782-8959

pdf November 9 2016 MR Lacombe County State of the Environment Report (267 KB)

pdf State of the Environment 2016 (6.92 MB)