County Municipal Sustainability Initiative Plan

Council has addressed the distribution of the MSI Operating Grants through the introduction of grants for community halls, operating support for recreational facilities, library funding and support of community special events. The levels of support are detailed in policies RC(2) Operational Support of Recreational Facilities, RC(6) Library Support and RC(9) County Support of Community Programs, Events and Activities. For the purpose of simplifying our grant claim process we have used the annual membership fees for the Lacombe Regional Solid Waste Authority and then reallocated the funding through the annual operating budget. As Council has previously provided direction on the distribution of the MSI Operating Grant this plan will be limited to MSI Capital Funding.

The Municipal Sustainability Initiative will allow Lacombe County to make substantial investments in major infrastructure projects that will benefit our residents. This funding will allow Lacombe County to address infrastructure deficits as well as addressing infrastructure needs to encourage economic development and enhance long term sustainability.

To read the Lacombe County Municipal Sustainability Initiative Plan, click on the link below:

icon 2012-08-22 Municipal Sustainability Initiative Plan