Maps & Pricing

Currently, Lacombe County sells a number of hardcopy (paper) and digital maps to the public. We are equipped with a large format thermal inkjet plotter that can print large sized maps. In fact, our 24" by 60" Land Ownership Maps are printed in house by this plotter. We can also produce maps using our high quality color laser printer in 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14" or 11" x 17" sizes. Upon request, custom maps can be produced using any of the GIS datasets we have in house. If there is a specific map you are looking for that isn't listed below, contact Michael Kartusch to describe what you want to see in the map and he will provide a quote on how much the map will cost to produce.

Hardcopy Pricing

Below is the pricing for paper copies of the listed maps.

Land Ownership Map

Style Pick-up Mailed
Fold Up Map (2 Sided) $15.00 + GST $15 + GST + mailing costs
Laminated (1 Sided) $17.00 + GST $17 + GST + mailing costs
Non-Laminated (1 Sided) $15.00 + GST $15 + GST + mailing costs
Atlas (40 Page Booklet) $23.00 + GST $23 + GST + mailing costs

Airphoto Maps

Style Size Price
Quartersection Map 8.5" x 11" $5.00 + GST
Quartersection Map 24" x 24" $15.00 + GST
Quartersection Map 36" x 36" $20.00 + GST

Other Maps

Style Price
Hamlet Maps (Lot, Block & Plan Map) With Aerial Photo Backdrop $10.00 + GST

Digital Pricing

Below is the pricing for digital copies of the listed maps to be sent via email.

Digital Maps

Style Price
Quartersection Map
$10.00 + GST
Land Ownership Map Free Download (see sidebar on right)
Titled Parcel Map Free Download (see sidebar on right)

Note: All digital maps are delivered in Adobe .pdf format. Upon special request, maps can be delivered in JPEG and BMP format.

Digital airphotos are available for purchase at a price of $100.00 + GST per township. The full color airphotos were flown in October 2019, and have a resolution of 30 centimetres (ie: 1 pixel in the photo = 30 cm).  We also have airphotos captured in 2000 (black and white, 75 cm resolution), 2005 (black and white, 50 cm resolution), 2010 (colour, 37.5 cm resolution) and 2015 (colour, 30 cm resolution) .  All Lacombe County airphotos are stored in a MrSID compressed image format, projected in an Alberta Environment 10TM NAD 83 projection. The MrSID image format can be loaded into most commercial GIS software packages. To help the ordering process, pdf click here to look at a map that shows the airphotos we currently have in stock.

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