2021 Agricultural Guide

In recent years, Lacombe County has experienced a considerable amount of change and growth. Lacombe County Council is committed to ensuring agriculture continues to be an integral part of and contributor to the fabric of Lacombe County’s economic, social and environmental existence, now and in the future. 

In response, Lacombe County has developed this Guide that identifies and supports a long-term vision for agriculture in the County. This Guide outlines the goals and objectives, and corresponding policies and programs that directly support agriculture and land-use planning in agricultural areas to ensure the industry can remain a significant contributor to the economic, environmental and social well-being of the County now and into the future.

This document consolidates, into one resource, the municipal policies and regulations (or portions of), plans (or portions of), programs, and activities that are focused on and which support agriculture in the municipality. This is not a stand-alone or static document. This Guide is a “living document”; it will evolve as County programs and policies evolve and, as such, it should be reviewed on a regular (annual) basis. While this document will evolve, the one thing that will remain constant is the value and respect the County has for the agriculture community and its commitment to enabling the industry to flourish. This document is a testament to that commitment.

pdf Lacombe County Agricultural Guide (Online Reading) (12.20 MB)  - Updated April 2021

pdf Lacombe County Agricultural Guide (Print Version) (12.23 MB)  -  Updated April 2021