Lacombe County Environmental Policy

Policy Statement:
Lacombe County is committed to a healthy environment for current and future generations.

Policy Purpose:
Lacombe County will focus our efforts on internal County operations in order to conserve, protect and enhance the environment in balance with social and economic needs.

Policy Guidelines/Procedures:
1. In all County decision-making we shall:

  • Integrate environmental considerations into all decision-making processes
  • Base all decisions on transparent and consistent policies that balance social, economic and environmental needs
  • Consider both short and long term impacts in all decisions

2. Lacombe County will provide leadership by: 

  • Providing leadership through example
  • Demonstrating a financial commitment to environmental improvements  
  • Instilling the ethics of environmental responsibility, through education and communication with all employees, contractors, consultants and suppliers
  • Preparing our county and community for future environmental policy measures from higher levels of government that may be more rigorous or prescriptive

3. In all County department practices and activities we shall:

  • Understand and comply with federal and provincial legislation
  • Implement current best management practices
  • Monitor and evaluate environmental performance to identify opportunities for improvement

default Lacombe County Environmental policy (25 KB)