Buffalo Lake Intermunicipal Development Plan Update - Bylaw 1328/20

The Councils of Lacombe County, Camrose County, County of Stettler No. 6, the Summer Village of Rochon Sands and the Summer Village of White Sands have recognized the need to cooperate in the planning of future land use and development around Buffalo Lake.  The purpose of this Bylaw is to make administrative updates to the Buffalo Lake Intermunicipal Development Plan (BLIDP). The primary changes to the document include new definitions, clarification of administrative processes and rearranging the document to make it easier to read. The update does not change growth node areas, densities, uses, or other amendments that substantially change the intent of the BLIDP.

The member municipalities are currently discussing the outcome of each public hearing prior to consideration of second reading.  

For more information, please, contact Peter Duke, Planner/Development Officer with Lacombe County at 403-782-8389 or .