County Councillors

pdf Map - Electoral Divisions (954 KB)



John Ireland - Division 1

"My goal as County Councillor is to represent the voices of residents and bring forth their concerns. Together, we will work to address challenges and strive to find workable, sustainable solutions that benefit the entire County." 



Brenda Knight 
Division 2

"For the next four years, my goal is to always be mindful that agriculture is the backbone of Lacombe County. Together, Council will work with developments throughout the County as per the new Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw, while ensuring the needs of our ratepayers continue to be foremost and are met in a fiscally responsible manner."



Barb Shepherd - Division 3




"Over the next four years, my goal is to engage in open, transparent communication with ratepayers, while finding an Ag Plastics recycling solution for Lacombe County, promoting crime prevention and community safety, and supporting a balance of common sense spending with investment into our infrastructure assets, recreational offerings, and safety needs." 


Paula Law - Reeve - Division 4

"As I look forward to another four years as Lacombe County Councillor, I plan to continue advocating to balance agriculture and rural living with business and development. I see our County continuing to embrace change as it comes, but always look to the past to maintain our values and recognize past successes." 

  Ken Wigmore - Deputy Reeve - Division 5
Box 166
Bentley, AB T0C 0J0

"Over the next four years, my goals are to work with our municipal partners in planning for sustainable development within the County, while protecting farmland and water resources. I will support the County to develop a long-range budget and capital plan, and will work with enforcement agencies on issues such as crime prevention, drug awareness, and abuse." 

  Keith Stephenson - Division 6
Box 231
Bentley, AB T0C 0J0

"As Lacombe County Councillor, I’m proud to give a voice to and increase awareness on rural issues, while supporting agriculture in Lacombe County. By building on our solid relationships with County staff and administration, as well as neighbouring municipalities, I am confident we will continue moving forward in a strong and responsible manner." 

  Dana Kreil- Division 7

“Looking to the future, my goals for Lacombe County include working with all levels of government and local groups to reduce crime. We will continue to support our agricultural producers to ensure their continued success, and try to develop an Ag Plastics recycling program. As we move forward, we will find ways to continue attracting industry of all sizes to Lacombe County, ensuring we have a strong, diverse tax base."



Procedural Bylaw – Bylaw No. 1260/17

On December 17, 2017, Council passed this Bylaw, which regulates procedural matters in Council and public meetings.

The document may be viewed or downloaded here.