Construction Notification: Paving of DeGraff, Wilson Beach and Lincoln Ranch roads

Central City Asphalt has been hired by Lacombe County to base and pave Rge Rd 28-2 and Twp Rd 41-4 past the Wilson Beach and DeGraff subdivisions.

The current schedule is for the contractor to start the subgrade preparation and gravel base on Tuesday, May 22th and that portion of the contract is estimated to take seven (7) days. The paving portion of the project is planned for in late-June and is estimated to take approximately six (6) days to complete. Depending on weather this project could be completed prior to the July long weekend.

Paving of DeGraff, Wilson Beach, Lincoln Ranch Roads (Range Road 28-2 and Township Road 41-4)

Phase 1 DeGraff 2.9 km
From: DeGraff RV Resort Entrance to: Township Road 41-4
And from: Township Road 41-4 to: Highway 792

Phase 2 Wilson Beach 1.0 km
From: Township Road 41-2 to: Quarter Line North of Wilson Beach

Phase 3 Lincoln Ranch 1.2 km
From: Quarter Line North of Wilson Beach to: DeGraff RV Resort Entrance

Please drive carefully and obey all signs and speed limits during construction. Please contact the Operations department at 403-782-8379 if you have any questions or concerns during this project.

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