Compliance Reports

A Compliance Report is a legal document issued by the County, confirming that development (siting and use of buildings) on a property meets the regulations of the County’s Land Use Bylaw. Compliance Reports are increasingly being requested in connection with the purchase or sale of a property as the lender or buyer wants to know if the development on the property conforms to the County’s Land Use Bylaw. The Compliance Report will tell them that everything is in order, or that a compliance or other encroachment problem exists.

If a non-conformance is discovered, the County will describe the nature of it within the Compliance Report and it may be that the landowner needs to take corrective action.  The County advises that if a non-conformance is found that you contact Planning Services staff at the earliest opportunity to discuss corrective measures.

Municipalities are not required by law to issue Compliance Reports, however Lacombe County recognizes the importance of Compliance Reports and consider it to be a well-established service that it will continue to offer. 

We would also remind you that a Compliance Report is not a substitute for legal advice. If there are any issues or questions regarding compliance, you should review these matters with a lawyer with relevant expertise.  

How do I request a Compliance Report?

The following is required to initiate a compliance review:

  • written request and fee
  • two original copies of a current Alberta Land Surveyors Real Property Report (fax and illegible copies of real property reports/surveyor certificates are not acceptable). A Real Property Report shows the location of all buildings and structures on a property, their size, as well as distances from property lines and other buildings or structures.

What are the fees for a Compliance Report?

The current fee is $100 for a Compliance Report. The application fee is payable to Lacombe County, via cheque, cash or debit. Please note that all fees are non-refundable.

How long will it take to process my request for a Compliance Report?

We will consider your request as quickly as possible. However, depending on other work demands, it may sometimes take up to two weeks before a Compliance Report is ready.