ALUS Partnership Advisory Committee

The Lacombe County ALUS program is completely voluntary for local agricultural producers and landowners, and will be overseen by a Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC), comprised of local agriculture producers.

The role of the PAC is to review and approve agricultural producer and land owner delivered projects and provide recommendations to Lacombe County Council in regards to agriculture conservation programming within Lacombe County. Together, they will determine the ALUS program priorities, procedures, and negotiating partnership agreements with agriculture producers and landowners.

 Please see the ALUS PAC bios (below).


“I think Alternative Land Use promotes biodiversity and recognizes the importance of wetlands and protection of ground water, which we greatly depend on.”

A resident of Lacombe County since 1965, Marilyn Sharp lives on her farm in Central Alberta, north of Joffre. Passionate about agriculture and giving back to the industry, she joined the ALUS Lacombe County PAC because she saw the value of encouraging good stewardship.

Marilyn worked with Alberta Agriculture as an extension Home Economist and became involved in public relations / promotional work for the industry. She worked alongside her husband on the farm, hauling grain at harvest time and working with the cattle. In the mid-1980’s, Marilyn received the Nuffield Agriculture Scholarship, which featured a 19-week trip to Europe with seven other students. The group travelled through Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom to learn how the agriculture industry is promoted in Europe.

Marilyn joined the Canadian Western Agribition board in 1987 and went on to become the first female chair of the organization in the mid-1990s. She sat on the first Board of Governors for Olds College during their transition from government managed institution to the publicly governed college it is today. Her experience also includes the Alberta Agriculture and Food Council (chair and director), Elected Delegate for the Alberta Beef Producers, a volunteer with the Classroom Agriculture Program, and current member of the Dow Chemical Community Advisory Committee (Prentiss Site).


“We, as farmers and the agricultural community, need to be good stewards of the land, particularly environmentally sensitive areas, regardless of the size of our operation.”

Dean has lived in Lacombe County for 22 years, and was raised on a cattle farm in southeastern Saskatchewan.  For more than two decades, he has run a sheep and goat farm in the Tees area. Dean believes that farmers know their land better than anyone.  He joined the ALUS Lacombe County PAC to assist with promoting the program and its benefits to his peers. Through a voluntary program, like ALUS, agricultural producers can combine active landowner participation with fair compensation for the land use, which Dean feels is a great value. 


“Alternative land use is important because it allows agricultural landowners to continue demonstrating that they are good stewards of their land and are maintaining or enhancing ecologically sensitive areas.”

Jason has lived in Lacombe County his entire life and views it as one of the most progressive and well-managed counties in the province. He joined the ALUS Lacombe County PAC because it was a good fit with his agricultural production background.

The Lenz family farm was established at its current location just southwest of Bentley, Alberta, in 1949. In 1995, Jason became a partner in the operation with his father, Brian, and Uncle Glen. They grow barley, wheat, and canola on the current land base, and manage a small commercial cow-calf herd.

Jason has served on a number of different boards and committees and is currently the chairman of the Alberta Barley Commission.


“I believe that landowners are the best people to decide or determine what the best use of their land is and should be.” 

Barb grew up on a ranch near Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan, and has been a resident of Lacombe County for 27 years. As a Lacombe County Councillor, Barb wanted to be part of the ALUS Lacombe County PAC to help local landowners and producers meet their land use goals, as well as helping them find environmental options that make sense to their individual situations. Barb said that she appreciates that ALUS gives participants options to help meet their land use goals while providing some compensation to help out with the additional costs that are incurred.